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Artist Statement

My interests are both in photography and documentary filmmaking.  I aim to capture images that authentically tell a story or capture a moment in a clear and precise way. I focus on social justice issues in my films that use photos and video to emphasize the importance of preserving the beauty and purity of the natural world.  In my photography practice I seek to expose our natural world, both in its grandeur and its elusiveness In a time where so much is at stake, all efforts to guard our planet, preserving it in its essence are of value to me.  I observe and seek to capture the subtleties of organic formations, environmental events, and the rawness and subtleties of the natural world. The technology of the day allows my more methodical side to focus on the details while capturing a spirit of place.

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Please take the opportunity to order any of these photos as archival metal prints which give the picture a unique look that accentuates the richness of the photos. You will love the way the metal prints give any space a great look. They come with a satin finish and a ready to hang mounting plate seated with foam that hangs photo 1/2 inch off the wall. You will need the name/file number of the image. You can write it down or copy and paste it into the order form. See order page for detailed instructions.



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